Rabbit and Small Animal/Bird Boarding


Your Pet's Holiday

Rabbits and cavies are accommodated in roomy outdoor hutches and are allowed time in a run.  If yours is a house rabbit and you are worried about changing to a hutch environment we do have room for a house rabbit indoors but can only take one at a time so book in early!!  Diets and feed times remain unchanged from when they are at home so hopefully stress is kept to a minimum.  Whatever they are used to getting at home they will get on their hols as far as possible.  We can accomodate giant rabbits but only one (or one pair) at a time so book early!  We are fairly flexible about drop off / collect times and are here seven days a week.

Fresh greens and carrots are given daily if your pet is used to them and obviously plenty of hay to chew.  You can bring your own dry food or I can supply either a mix or Excel nuggets.

Birds are accommodated in their own cages indoors, again space inside is at a premium so book early if you have a bird!! 

Chickens and pigeons or doves can be accommodated in outside houses / runs.  We looked after some ducks last year!