Rabbit and Small Animal/Bird Boarding


Happy Holidays for your small friends! 


We board rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, pigeons etc etc (ask me if your pet isn't listed!!  Phone Sue on 07399359599) and we strive to ensure that their lifestyle is kept as far as possible unchanged from home.  Stress is not something that small animals and birds need.  Run by an ex- vet nurse with many years experience of caring for every type of small mammal and bird, we are in Sharneyford, Bacup, Lancashire - on the Lancashire / West Yorkshire border. 

We used to be members of the British Rabbit Council and National Mouse Club and for many years bred and showed rabbits - Netherland Dwarf, Beverens and Dwarf Lops - until becoming overwhelmed by rescues and realising that far too many rabbits are being bred and sold to unsuitable homes - the worry that a much loved baby rabbit may end up spending its life in a wooden box with no freedom to run about became too much!!  We also used to breed canaries.

Member of Rabbit Welfare Association.

We also have racing pigeons and chickens so are well equipped to look after yours!  We are a smallholding with donkeys, horses and, whilst we may not look as posh as some, your pets will be cared for with sensitivity and understanding.  We want them to settle in so they will relax and eat well and hopefully enjoy their short time with us while you enjoy your holiday.